Arnold Schwarzenegger Played an Amazing Prank on Jesse Ventura While Filming ‘Predator’

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Predator is one of the greatest 1980’s action movies, with an incredible cast and some of the best stunts of the decade. But it sounds like it was just as fun off-set as on-set.

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While filming Predator, former professional wrestler Jesse Ventura, who played Blain Cooper in the movie, had his arms measured by the wardrobe department. They told him that his arms were one-inch larger than his co-star, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ventura was delighted by this fact and decided to challenge Schwarzenegger to an arm measuring contest, and whoever won would get a bottle of champagne.

But what Ventura didn’t know was that Schwarzenegger had set him up. Arnold told the wardrobe department to lie to Ventura and pretend Schwarzenegger’s arms were smaller. He knew the former wrestler would challenge him to a measurement contest using the information.

When Ventura and Schwarzenegger did the contest, Arnold’s arms were actually three inches larger and he won the bet.

Here’s a video from the two of them telling the story:

Who knew then that those two guys would eventually become governors?

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