A Lost Rolex Belonging to Steve McQueen is Going Up for Auction

Finding out memorabilia from celebrities is up for auction isn’t anything new. But it is quite unusual when an item goes up for auction that people previously thought was destroyed in a fire.

A Rolex belonging to Hollywood legend Steve McQueen is going up for auction, and people are very interested in the watch. The Rolex was believed to be destroyed after a wildfire consumed the house of a stuntman who knew McQueen and owned the watch after the actor’s death.

While the item was presumed destroyed, one watch collector contacted the stuntman’s daughter asking her to go through the house’s rubble. The collector believed that the watch would not have been damaged as much as people thought in the fire. And sure enough, the daughter found the watch.

The Rolex will be auctioned off in October, and contains a message on the back to the stuntman from McQueen.

Last October a Rolex belonging to another legendary actor, Paul Newman, sold for $17.8 million, the most ever for a watch. Newman’s Rolex, however, was considered a once-in-a-lifetime watch. McQueen’s rolex is expected to go for between only $300,000 and $600,000, although some believe the fact that it survived a fire may slightly increase its value.

After all, it’s not often you find items belonging to legendary actors with burn marks on them.

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