A James Bond Prequel Novel is Coming Out Later This Year

James Bond is one of the greatest characters in movie history, but he began his journey inside the pages of a book. And now a new novel will give some background to the famous 007.

British writer Anthony Horowitz is publishing a new novel in the James Bond series called Forever and a Day that will release later this year. Horowitz previously wrote a Bond novel, called Trigger Mortis, which was a sequel to Goldfinger that was commissioned by Ian Fleming’s estate. Fleming is author who originally created the bond character.

Forever and a Day will be a prequel to Fleming’s original novel about Bond, Casino Royale. While Fleming alluded to Bond’s past in that novel as well as the others he wrote, it’s never truly been explored in much great depth. Forever and a Day takes place a few months before the events of Casino Royale and will give some background to the 007 character. The novel will also explain how Bond received his 00 license to kill.

“It’s really an exploration of what turns Bond into the hard-edged, quite cold-blooded assassin that we sort of know from the books,” Horowitz told EW. “What are the forces that mold him?”

And like all good Bond novels, there will be a beautiful woman who gets seduced by (or possibly seduces?) 007. Horowitz also says one of the chapters of the book will be the most violent in the Bond series.

Sounds like we’ll need to actually go to a bookstore for this one.

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