The Get Down

The Get Down Brothers were at the forefront of an all new type of music in the South Bronx. That’s probably why they named the Netflix TV series The Get Down after them. And while the show lasted only two seasons, the Get Down Brothers managed to make quite the mark on fans everywhere.

If you’re someone who feels they would’ve made an excellent addition to “The Get Down Brothers,” then you definitely need to look and act the part. Luckily you can purchase your very own items used by the actual Get Down Brothers from the show. Collect pieces from all of their milestones, including Shaolin and Ezekiel’s first meeting, to their first battle as The Fantastic Four Plus One, all the way up until the B-Boys band together to save the get down.

You can check out all of the items available in The Get Down auction right here.

Ezekiel’s Get Down Brothers Costume

MC Books, was always known more for his rhymes than his style but with his Get Down Brothers costume you get the best of Zeke’s duality.

The Get Down 8-Track Player

A classic piece of technology that will let you take the music that inspired The Get Down Brothers with you on the go.

The Get Down Panasonic Boombox

Take the music that inspired so much of The Get Down with you wherever you go with this vintage boombox.

Boo Boo’s Get Down Brothers Jacket

The ultimate piece of memorabilia for any fan of The Get Down Brothers, this jacket was worn at the very first battle The Get Down Brothers had against the Notorious Three in the Part One finale.

Shaolin’s Tito Puente Record

There was nothing more important to Shao than his music collection, this is just one album from his lifetime collection of records—alphabetized and everything.

The Get Down Map Of NYC Hip-Hop Kingdoms

Utilized in the series finale for the biggest get down joint ever seen, this map lays out the hip-hop kingdoms. In the series premiere the Fantastic Four Plus One began their dream of making their own kingdom on the map.

The Get Down 8-Track Set 2 of 4

The heart and soul of The Get Down is music itself, get your hands on one of the 8-track sets so you can always get back to that time and place where it all began.

Grand Master Flash’s Bootleg

This bootleg got The Get Down Brothers into a lot of trouble in their early days. Containing a set by Shaolin Fantastic’s mentor, Grand Master Flash, this particular tape is a must for a true fan.

Dizzee’s Alien Painting

When Dizzee isn’t rocking the mic he’s tagging up trains and walls and whatever he can get his spray paint and markers on. Get an original painting featuring the afro sporting alien synonymous with Dizzee.

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