’30 Rock’ Reboot Discussions are Real

By April 18, 2018 No Comments

Nowadays it seems every popular TV show is involved in rumors about a possible revival. But it sounds like those rumors might be true for one NBC sitcom.

Actress Jane Krakowski says that “there’s definitely been talk and conversations” about a revival of hit NBC sitcom 30 Rock. Krakowski said she and the cast loved working on the show, and everyone knows the fans want it to come back as well.

“We all say over and over again that working on that show was probably the best experience we’re ever going to have in our careers, as far as creativity goes,” Krakowski said. “We’re still so proud of the writing and the great characters. It was such a success and all of those things were amazing.”

Krakowski played Jenna Maroney, the star of the TGS sketch comedy show in 30 Rock who gets jealous when Tracy Jordan (played by Tracy Morgan) joins the cast.

Earlier this month NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt discussed reviving some popular NBC programs, and mentioned The West Wing and The Office, but not 30 Rock. But he did say last month that he mentioned bringing back the show to star and creator Tina Fey who said, “I don’t know, maybe.”

Until then, you can see Fey and Krakowski working together on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.

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