The Get Down

The Get Down’s Ezekiel Figuero is a modern day Romeo, wordsmith and hero of the South Bronx. So it’s not surprising that many fans of the Netflix series look to Ezekiel as a figure of inspiration. After all, who wouldn’t want to be a hip-hop pioneer?

Unfortunately, not all of us can have Ezekiel’s wordsmith abilities or musical talents. But we can all own some of Ezekiel’s belongings.

Here are 10 props from The Get Down that every real-life Ezekiel Figuero needs to add to their life. And you can view all of our props from the show right here.

Ezekiel’s ‘Set Me Free’ Recording Outfit

Throughout the series, few things were more important to Ezekiel than Mylene Cruz and her dreams coming true. This is the outfit Zeke wore during Mylene’s church recording of her first single “Set Me Free.”

Ezekiel’s Name Tag

During Ezekiel’s short lived and problematic journey to become an Ivy Leaguer Zeke wore this nametag to his Yale recruitment party.

Adult Zeke’s Sunglasses

When he finally hits the big time, Zeke dawns these shades while playing a show at Madison Square Garden.

Ezekiel’s “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” Book

One of many important books for Ezekiel’s character, X’s words can be heard over a verse in the finale of Part One.

Ezekiel’s Yale Recruiting Costume

These are some of Zeke’s nicest threads, he wore this outfit when he was dressing to impress the movers and shakers at Yale.

Ezekiel’s Valuables Box

Zeke wore his heart on his sleeve for Mylene and his crew, but there were some things he wanted to keep to himself. Get a glimpse even deeper into Zeke’s heart by nabbing his valuables box.

Ezekiel’s College Essay

Fans of The Get Down know that Ezekiel has a way with words on and off the page. Get your hands on his college easy, where he flexes his rhymes while penning his struggles and triumphs in the Bronx.

Ezekiel’s ID Card

While working for Fuerte and Koch’s Fiscal Control Committee Zeke had this pinned to his chest, but fans never needed an ID to recognize MC Books.

Ezekiel’s Speech Cards

Follow along with what Zeke was supposed to say at Papa Fuerte’s anti-graffiti rally before he showed the rest of the Bronx that he was still one of them.

Ezekiel’s ‘Roots’ Book

Ezekiel earned his MC name from his love of books, this copy of The Roots can be seen in Zeke’s hands throughout the series.

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