The Get Down

One of the most sensational, multi-faceted musical shows on Netflix, The Get Down is nothing short of Shaolin Fantastic. Woven with graffiti, dance, beats and rhymes, the South Bronx is a story told from the inside out and inspires audiences across the spectrum. From duality to unity, empowerment in rebellion, repression within oppression, The Get Down ironically is church. It preaches a side of the American dream through rare insights, an expanse of genres that harmonize eclectically to form one living, breathing story of the people, by the people. Each character is an instrument, of spoken word, in song, through negotiations and musical vibrations, a metaphor within a metaphor, wrapped up in drama, dance, raw substance and flashy fun.


There’s something for everyone in this beautifully written record of pure musical history that inevitably, gracefully lands in the conclusion that “only from exile can we come home.”

And what better, more American way to pass these stories along, than to come home to items straight off the set of The Get Down?

Shine Your Light on Me

And lastly, what 1970s theme is complete without some form of a disco ball? Classy, sexy, and literally cutting edge, this chrome light fixture is both grown and fun. The only light in a dark disco room. Just like our beloved stars in The Get Down.

Deck the Halls

Leave it up to Papa Fuerte to have the most ridiculously copacetic piece of furniture in his apartment to put candles in. This striking sconce, your hallways. Boom.

Black & Silver

Ok, so it's a coffee table from one of the most villainous characters on the show. So what? All the better to kick back with your friends, kang style. Mr. Gunns would be appalled.

The Fiery Godmother

Ever wanted to know what it was like to be Fat Annie? Here's your chance. Place this mirror anywhere to boost confidence at your leisure.

Gilded Deco

What would the 1970s be without a splash of opulence? This nearly 4-foot long piece of bronze wall vine art guarantees ambiance and the stars in your guests' eyes. Wink, wink.

The Marrakesh Star Record

Have dreams of becoming the next big thing? Keep the ruthless spirit of Misty Holloway, Mylene, and The Disco King alive with this bad boy on your wall.

Reminisce for Rumi

Graffiti was one of the many mediums through which la gente stayed up, as Zeke so beautifully addressed when he salvaged Ed Koch in the Part 1 Finale. Thanks to some of Rumi's most powerful pieces, you'll never feel alien in your own home.

Far-Out Minimalist Chairs

Papa Fuerte was tough, but he was also wise and kind as he was ahead of the times. Check out these cool lucite chairs from his office - sleek and timeless in an otherwise colorful era. Boss.

Disco Dresser

Start off by setting the tone with this lavish vintage chrome dresser in your boudoir. With each reach, you'll feel disco-fabulous, all day long.

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