Anyone who’s watched The Mindy Project knows how awesome Mindy Lahiri is. She’s funny, smart and (let’s face it) a little kooky. But that’s why fans love her! In fact, many fans probably see a lot of themselves in Ms. Lahiri.

If that describes you, then you definitely need to check out these items straight from The Mindy Project set. These are actual items used by Mindy Lahiri on the show. So if you want to incorporate some of the fictional Mindy into your real-life, this is the best place to go.

Mindy’s Microwave Cooking For One Book

Why don’t you get it out of the way and buy this for yourself so you don’t have to face the pain and humiliation of a friend buying it for you on your birthday like Mindy. Ouch!

Mindy’s Pink Bag

Add a pretty pop of color to any Mindy-inspired look with this vibrant tote. Worn throughout the seasons by Dr. Lahiri – meaning it’s practically an iconic staple, okay?

Mindy’s May Divorce Be With You Dress

Divorce is a downer but on a positive note, girl’s gotta look great while doing it. What if the lawyer is hot..and single..and into very recent divorcees?!

Mindy’s Triathlon Costume

This casual cool look will take you from crunches to brunches. On second thought, let’s skip the crunches and go straight to brunches. Bottomless mimosas beat burpees any day!

Mindy’s First Episode Date Costume

Mindy was wearing this red-hot dress the first time we had an inkling Danny liked her. Sure, he made fun of her but according to the laws of the middle school playground – hating actually means they wish you were dating.

Mindy’s Eiffel Tower Pajamas

Sleeping is no excuse to not look cute. Snuggle up in these Parisian PJs while you watch Amelie. Just don’t spill red wine on yourself and assume you’ve been shot like a certain Lahiri we all know and love.

Mindy’s My Cool Christian Boyfriend Costume

Sometimes a girl needs to button up so she can lock it down. Example A - Mindy’s modest look won her over with super hot minister, Casey.

Mindy’s Annette Castellano Is My Nemesis Costume

The perfect look to piss of your mother-in-law and confuse your partner in the same day. Learn from Mindy’s mistakes and wear something cute underneath in case your guy confuses the dress for a coat like Danny!

Mindy’s I Love You Too Costume

When you want to wow the men in your life like a sexy yet modest grown-up Madeline - it worked like a charm for Mindy!

Mindy’s Lab Coat

Pretty much the only constant in Mindy’s crazy, colorful wardrobe is her lab coat. Worn season after season, this coat was at times the only thing pulling together a work-in-progress yet lovable Dr. L.

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